Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Master Window Tinting Installation

Car window tinting is not only functional, but it also elevates the look and style of your car.  Here at Spade Kreations, we’ve tinted thousands of windows and are masters in window tinting installation.  We have worked on everything from super cars to SUVs and our experience is second to none.  Our tint installers only use the best films available that make use of the latest technology in window tinting and UV filtering films. 


There are several different types of window tint films available.  They each have their pluses and minuses, and our technicians can consult with you to see what will work best for your needs and budget.  Types of window tints films are:

  • Dyed Window Tint Film – this is the most affordable and common type of film out there.  It’s fixed with a sticky back on the film and a heat gun.  It has good visibility and finish and is very affordable. But its cons are that it can fade over time.  It also has poor cooling and UV protection compared to some of the other films.
  • Metallised Window Tint Film – this film utilizes tiny metal particles in the film similar to how sun screen lotion works.  The particles reflect light, provide a metallic finish, and keep heat out of the vehicle.  These films also have reinforcement properties making windows less prone to shattering.  The cons of these films are that they can interfere with cell phone reception.
  • Ceramic Tint Film – ceramic tint films make use of the latest in window tinting technology. These films use ceramic particles to block heat and UV rays. It offers the best in life span compared to all of the films and is extremely resistant to scratching. This film is the most expensive of all the films.


Car tint makes any ride look sleeker and more professional. The difference between a professional application and a DIY tinting kit is clear to see. With a DIY kit, the window film has to be sized and cut by hand and this is notoriously difficult to do accurately. Once the film is applied, it’s apt to show bubbling, peeling, and discoloration if not installed properly.  We often see DIYers bringing their cars in to redo tint jobs.

Our installers are certified experts with the most advanced equipment to install tints on any vehicle. Our films are computer cut for a precision fit. We only use top-quality window films that we have vetted over the years. All of our tints come with a lifetime warranty!


  • Our Experienced Tint Installers
  • Lifetime Tint Guarantee
  • Top Quality Products (3M)
  • Computer Cut Tints for Precision Fit
  • Five Star Service Guarantee

Protect Your Car’s Interior

The sun’s harmful rays will inflict damage over time.

Leather seats will prematurely age with UV exposure, becoming dry, stiff and cracked. Fabric upholstery will fade and even the dashboard will sustain damage. Over time, the sun coming through the windshield will cause the dashboard to fade and some materials can even develop small cracks. Let the expert tint technicians at Spade Kreations protect your interior with high-quality car window tinting.

Stay Cool

Your car’s air conditioning works hard to keep you cool in the summer.

Give it the help it needs with window film that can block a substantial amount of the sun’s heat. Without car window tinting, the temperature inside a parked car with the windows closed can reach 129 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 minutes when it’s 95 degrees outside. A good tint job can keep you and your passengers cool and comfortable. It’ll even help block the UV rays that mutate your skin cells’ DNA and can eventually lead to skin cancer.

Ready to transform your ride? Call Spade Kreations for premier windshield tint services in Cincinnati, OH at competitive prices. Our tint shop carries our five-star service guarantee. Stop buy our showroom, call us at 513-742-9380 to speak with one of our professionals or drop us a note in our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.


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