Protect Your Investment

Bullet Liner on your truck bed is protecting your Investment. With this superior coating, it will protect from scratches, chemical spills, and corrosion.  The non-skid texture will help keep your cargo in place during transit.  Bullet Liner can be applied to many different things besides truck beds.  It can be a protective coating for bumpers, rocker panels, ATV/UTV parts, trailers, marine applications, the possibilities are almost endless.  Feel free to contact us about custom applications and pricing. 

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Why our customers love us:

  • Professional Installation
  • Top Quality Liners
  • Five Star Service Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Open Communication from Start to Finish

Bullet Liner

We use spray-in bed liners from Bullet Liner because it’s the most durable coating on the market. Bullet Liners are made specifically for extreme punishment and can take impact damage, flying rocks, mud, kicked up debris, brush scratching, corrosive material and more.  If you’re looking to protect your investment, don’t overlook the value of a spray-in bedliner on a truck bed, truck body or panels, ATV, van or boat. Bullet Liners are the choice of professionals because:


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Competitive Pricing
  • They are UV Stable
  • Permanent Bond
  • Molds Perfectly to Your Vehicle
  • Highly Durable
  • Excellent Gloss Retention
  • Endless Variety of Colors

Our Process

When you come to Spade Kreations to have your new bedliner installed, our technicians will follow a careful process to ensure that your truck isn’t damaged:

  1. Our certified technicians will pre-mask the vehicle to protect from any over-spray or dust. 
  2. Then we remove any debris or contaminants before we begin the scuffing process.
  3. We scuff the entire bed with an aggressive cup brush and sand paper to guarantee permanent bond between the paint and the Bullet Liner.
  4. The liner is sprayed at 200 degrees and drys in 5 seconds, allowing the truck to be done and used within the same day. 
  5. Color matching is an option but is not as durable, it is more of a cosmetic light duty use.  Color matching is approximately double the price of a normal bullet liner and requires additional dry time over night.  

How to Reach Spade Kreations

If you’re not satisfied with the way your truck looks, it’s time to get Spade Made.

Along with bedliners, our auto services range from body repair to electronics installation. We’ve been helping our customers rethink and redesign their vehicles for more than 20 years, and we’re always glad to welcome new faces in our shop in Cincinnati, OH. Ready to get started? You can reach us today for an appointment at 513-742-9380 and speak with one of our professionals or drop us a note in our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.


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11308 Dallas Blvd.
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11308 Dallas Blvd.
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