Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair


Is your vehicle in need of some serious attention?

Whether you need body work because of damage sustained in an accident or you’re simply looking to overhaul your car and give it a fresh new look, a visit to an auto shop is in order. Spade Kreations specializes in helping car owners who want to rethink the way their vehicle looks and feels, whether that means making minor adjustments or transforming their cars from the bottom up. If you’ve been searching for an auto shop that can help you realize your dream car, look no further than our shop in Cincinnati. Our customers love us because:

  • Professional body repair
  • Fast and Free Estimates
  • All Insurance Accepted
  • Handle Your Claim from Start to Finish
  • Five Star Service Guarantee

About Our Company

When it comes to restoring your car to pre-accident condition, there’s no substitute for experience.

Only a trained hand can repair your vehicle in a way that ensures that it’s safe to take on the road again. That’s why you can trust the technicians at Spade Kreations to provide you with the best possible auto repair service for your vehicle, every time. At our shop in Cincinnati, OH, we’ll proudly take on any auto body repair job, no matter how big it might be, and make it Spade Made. Call us today at 513-742-9380 to speak with one of our professionals or drop us a note in our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

Our Collision Repair Services

If you’ve been involved in an accident that has left your vehicle seriously damaged, you may be wondering if it will ever look like its old self again.

That’s when it’s time to schedule a visit to Spade Kreations. Our team of technicians can provide you with professional body repair for any vehicle, including aluminum and fiberglass. Whether you’ve got a minor issue or a major problem, our company is known for working quickly and efficiently—and carefully. We’ll diagnose the problem, then provide you with the fast and effective service you deserve.

If you are worried that having your car repaired after an accident could be a complicated and stressful experience, don’t worry—we work to take the anxiety out of the repair process. We accept all forms of insurance, and we’ll work with your provider to make the claims process run more smoothly. We’ll also work with you at every step of the way to ensure that the car you get back from us looks and drives the way you want it to. We can match any color of paint, so you can either reproduce your car’s original appearance or go for a bold new look.


We have some of the best craftsmen in Cincinnati, our knowledgeable and experienced painters can walk you through any questions you have.

Our computerized color matching system can match any color there is whether it’s the current paint on your car, the original factory color on a restoration or a brand new custom candy paint job made to turn heads, we’ve got you covered. We use only the best paint products from PPG and the best refinishing products from 3M.


11308 Dallas Blvd. • Cincinnati, Ohio 45231



11308 Dallas Blvd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231

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11308 Dallas Blvd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231